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Duel Jewel

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Duel Jewel began in 1997; during their early beginnings they released several demos. The vocalist Hayato joined in 1997, left, and returned in 1999.[1] The band released their first album in 2001 and Natsuki joined in 2002 when Ka-non left the band.They performed at A-Kon (an anime convention) in Dallas, Texas in 2002, which was their first international concert. They returned to the United States, playing in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Anaheim, San Jose, and Houston through the rest of the year and into 2003.

The band continued to tour in Japan, gaining a larger fanbase, and in May 2007, the band performed at the sold-out two-day Jrock Revolution concert held in Los Angeles, CA. On July 11, 2007, they released their first single on Universal, "Es."

They played in the V-ROCK FESTIVAL alongside many other bands.

Hayato was born on December 29, year unknown, and is the band's vocalist.

Shun is the band's lead guitarist, born on February 3.

Yuya, also a guitarist, was born on April 29.

Natsuki, who was born on September 11, is the bass player for Duel Jewel.

VAL, the drummer for Duel Jewel, was born on February 4.


Lapidary (2001.08.22 - full album)
Noah (2002.09.25 - mini-album)
Visions (2006.02.22 - mini-album)
BULLET (2007.12.12 - full album)
Glassfia (2008.11.26 - full album グラスフィア)
Revive (2009.06.24 - Best of album)
Will (2010.02.24 - mini-album)


Vermilion (2003.11.01 - maxi-single)
The Birth (2005.02.21 - maxi-single)
Azure (2006.07.05 - maxi-single)
Aishyuu Melancholia (2006.11.01 - maxi-single 愛愁メランコリア)
Life On... (2006.11.01 - maxi-single)
Es (2007.07.11 - single)
Iolite (2008.06.11 - maxi-single アイオライ)
against (2008.10.01 - Digital single)


Jewelry Box (2008.06.11 - PV Collection/Live DVD)


[Album] Dual Jewel - Lapidary
Release Date: August 22, 2001

1. "sp1 [Suns of Sanctuary]"
2. "Anmaku"
3. "Nauthiz"
4. "RED BEAST wo korose!"
5. "Chinmoku"
6. "Kizuna ~Pray to Gray~"
7. "Promise"
8. "Etsu"
9. "Toma ni Yume no Kasanete"
10. "Tsuki to Tawamure"
11. "sp2 [Nights to Suns]"

DOWNLOAD (http://www.4shared.com/file/38777445/cd6786b7/Lapidary.html)

credit: Jrock sekai

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chôm lẹ :D

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:crisp:từ từ, coi chừng "bội thực" đó pà.......

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Duel Jewel chứ nhỉ :| ><. Mà giọng vocal cũng hay mà