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28-07-2009, 12:16 AM
http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/4965/mq647.jpg (http://img263.imageshack.us/i/mq647.jpg/)

[01].The Last Waltz
[02].Diana [03].Yesterday Once More
[04].Knock Three Times
[05].Killing Me Softly With His Song
[06].To Sir With Love
[07].El Condor Pasa
[08].The End Of The World
[09].San Francisco
[10].Donna Donna
[12].Morning Has Broken
[14].Theres A Kind Of Hush

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[01].Take Me Home Country Road
[02].Kiss Me Good Bye
[03].Three Coins In The Fountain
[04].Am I That Easy To Forget
[05].Too Young [06].A White Shade Of Pale
[07].Changing Partner [08].Release Me
[09].Speak Softly Love
[10].Oh Carol
[11].Colour Of The Rainbow
[12].Bird And Bee
[13].Cant Take My Eyes Off You
[14].Let It Be Me

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http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/659/2dahriu.jpg (http://img505.imageshack.us/i/2dahriu.jpg/)

[01].Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree
[02].Sealed With A Kiss
[03].Where Have All The Flowers Gone
[04].I Went To Your Wedding
[05].Love Me With Your Heart
[06].Just Walking In The Rain
[07].Auld Lang Syne
[08].More Than I Can Say
[09].Somewhere My Love
[10].Green Green Grass Of Home
[11].Whispering Pine
[12].Stay A While
[13].And I Love You So

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http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/8559/e0pow5.jpg (http://img530.imageshack.us/i/e0pow5.jpg/)

[01].Tennessee Waltz
[02].Dont Cry For Me Argentina
[03].Inside Of My Guitar
[04].Morning Has Broken
[06].You Light Up My Life
[07].Over The Rainbow
[08].Somewhere In Time
[09].Autumn Leaves
[10].Songs My Mother Taught Me
[11].Ave Maria
[13].Meditation Form Thais
[16].Salut D Amour

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http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/9701/2l3qf8.jpg (http://img263.imageshack.us/i/2l3qf8.jpg/)

[01].Evergreen (A Star Is Born)
[02].Love Is Blue
[03].Love Story
[04].Rain And Tear
[05].Blue Ballon
[07].God Father
[09].Only Love
[11].Romeo And Juliet
[12].Hold Me Now
[13].Stranger In The Night
[14].Woman In Love
[15].Liebe Sfpeud

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http://img262.imageshack.us/img262/4954/4z2ne6o.jpg (http://img262.imageshack.us/i/4z2ne6o.jpg/)

[01]. Flight Of The Bumble Bee
[02]. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
[03]. Rondo [04]. Kiss Me Goodbye
[05]. Besame Mucho
[06]. Tell Laura I Love Her
[07]. Somewhere In The World
[08]. Sealed With A Kiss
[09]. A Dear John Letter
[10]. A Wings Of Song
[11]. Serenade
[12]. Paradise Bird
[13]. A Fine Fine Day
[14]. Liebe Sfrend
[15]. Tambourin
[16]. Minuet

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http://img262.imageshack.us/img262/8864/violin1.jpg (http://img262.imageshack.us/i/violin1.jpg/)

[01].The Way We Were
[02].Scarborough Fair / Canticle
[03].Love Story
[04].Somewhere My Love
[05].The Sound Of Silence
[06].God Father
[07].Evergreen (A Star Is Born)
[08].Seven Days In Tokyo
[09].Somewhere In Time
[10].Ticket To The Tropics
[12].To All The Girl I Ve Loved Before
[13].Saving All My Love For You
[14].Green Green Grass Of Home
[15].Inside Of My Guitar

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http://img252.imageshack.us/img252/3623/fwsl1c.jpg (http://img252.imageshack.us/i/fwsl1c.jpg/)

[01].Paradise Bird
[02].More Than I Can Say
[03].Lover Tears
[04].I Cant Stop Loving You
[05].Tennessee Waltz
[06].Moon River
[07].Sealed With A Kiss
[09].Fruhling Slied
[15].Ungarische Tanze No.5
[16].Ave Maria

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VA - Violin Concertons (2007)

01 - Green Green Grass Of Home
02 - Unchained Melody
03 - How Can I Tell Her
04 - Last Waltz
05 - I Dont Like To Sleep Alone
06 - Love Me Tender
07 - Kiss Me Goodbye
08 - I Went To Your Wedding
09 - Speak Softly Love
10 - Killing Me Softly With His Song
11 - And I Love You So
12 - I Really Dont What To Know
13 - Changing Partner
14 - The End Of The World
15 - 500 Miles
16 - Morning Has Broken
17 - Yesterday Once More
18 - Feeling

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