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Mikio Almasy
13-10-2006, 08:31 PM
That's true T_T

http://img82.imageshack.us/img82/1993/knczsweet1cf8iv1.th.jpg (http://img82.imageshack.us/my.php?image=knczsweet1cf8iv1.jpg)

Photo from Sweet Nov. issue
credit to akane5749@ayuchina.com


Ayu thích chơi trò giật gân nhỉ ? T_T

Mikio Almasy
13-10-2006, 08:34 PM
Sorry for double post.
Sao tự dưng dạo này ko edit đc bài nhỉ ? T_T

Truehappiness (aka ZeoH) wrote:

ファン待望の7曲7ビデオ・クリッ 入りALBUMが発売決定!
大ヒットシングルと新曲3曲が収録 DVDにはハイクオリティな映像作品が 載!!

- The image is an image.
Sale decision of seven ALBUM with seven video clip by fan expectation.
A single smash hit and three new songs collect. The work of ..high quality..
image is fully loaded to DVD.

大ヒット作品「Memorial address」に続く2nd Mini Albumを緊急リリース!! 2006年を大きく賑わせたヒットナンバ が満載の収録内容は、いずれもタイ アップやテレビ歌番組等で露出 された充実した楽曲ばかり! 「Startin'」(カプコン 新鬼武者 DAWN OF DREAMS テーマソング/日本テレビ系 スポーツうるぐすテーマソング)、「B orn To Be…」(日本テレビ系 トリノ2006 テーマソング)、「BLUE BIRD」(ゼスプリ「ゴールドキウイ」CM ング)、「Beautiful Fighters」(Panasonic SDオーディオD-snap Audio TV-CFソング)、「JEWEL」(Panasonic デジタルカメラ LUMIX FX-07 TV-CFソング)、「1 LOVE」(Panasonic SDオーディオD-snap/D-dock Audio TV-CFソング)他、全7曲収録予定!! DVDには全7曲のビデオ・クリップを収 予定。

2nd Mini Album following blockbuster "Memorial address" is : and only the enhanced music that can be exposed ..urgent release.. : the content of the collection of full loading greatly in the tie-up and both television song programs, etc. in 2006 ..the enlivened hit number... "Startin'" (Capcom new demon warrior DAWN OF DREAMS theme song/Nippon Television Network Corporation-affiliated sports theme song), "Born To Be…" (Turin 2006 Nippon Television Network Corporation-affiliated theme song), "BLUE BIRD" (Zespri "Gold kiwi" CM song), and "Beautiful Fighters" (Panasonic SD audio D-snap Audio TV-CF song), "JEWEL" Collection schedule of seven all video clips to DVD (Panasonic digital camera LUMIX FX-07 TV-CF song) "1 LOVE" (Panasonic SD audio D-snap/D-dock Audio TV-CF song) another and collection schedule of seven all

Three new songs with seven PVs.. Neutral THAT MEANS.. OMG ONE PV FOR EACH SONG <3
Release date is '11/29' so far.
Source: CAROLS-san@ALA

Credit: Choyan @ AHO

20-10-2006, 07:42 PM
album mới sẽ có tên là Secret :D