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Poshi Assari
29-07-2007, 05:15 PM
Các bạn có ai mún giới thiệu về SNoW thì vô đây, tiện giúp mình cái mớ SNoW này nhá. Hum 12/8 họp offl có bạn nào mún hợp tác với mình thì kêu nhá.
Ui tự nhin xung phong cho cố giờ lười chảy thây.
Cái profile của bà fuu dịch dùm từ hum bữa tới giờ, muh chưa thêm đc miếng nào, còn nhiều quá, chưa dịch, chết quá T^T

SNoW Profile:

Ngày sinh: 11/6/1985
Chòm sao: Gemini (Sao Song tử)
Nhóm máu: A
Nơi sing: Tokyo, Nhật Bản
Hiện đang học tại trường đại học Santa Monica lại California (Lost Angeles).
Những nghệ sĩ cô thần tượng Ani DiFranco, Iggy Pop, Talking Heads, and Jack Johnson. Cô cũng học chơi guitar.
Single debut của cô, Yes đã đạt được thành công vang dội vào tháng 11 năm 2004. Năm 2005, cô chuyển sang công ty Sony Music Entertainment Japan và cho ra đời Hanabi made Ato Sukoshi (tạm dịch sang tiếng Anh: "A Little Longer Until the Fireworks") vào tháng bay cùng năm. Single thứ ba, Sakasama no Chou (tạm dịch sang tiếng Anh: "The Inverted Butterfly"), được phát hành ngày 21/1/2006. Sakasama no Chou là bài hát mở đầu cho anime của Jigoku Shoujo. Lại tiếp tục hát cho anime Jigoku Shoujo phần 2, Nightmare (bài hát mở đầu phim), được phát hành dưới dạng single ngày 6/12/2006.

29-07-2007, 08:57 PM
^^ nhạc của SNoW Yes cũng có hứng thú^^ PA post cái source về SNoW đi, Yes rãnh sẽ dịch giúp cho^^

Poshi Assari
29-07-2007, 11:27 PM
Ui, cám ơn pác Yes nhìu lém, đây ạ, nhưng em hok có đi 12/8 đc nên thành ra...

Profile 'June of 85 11 Nitto capital origin. Gemini and A type. 20 years old. Presently, in the midst of LA [santamonika] college being on the register. From 5 years old you are brought up with LA, work Japanese and English unrestrictedly. The ocean 邦 you do not question and tune of the familiar hit chart the oral [zu] you start coldly from thing, writing the original language to the music which the friend made from around 13 years old, you reach the point where it starts singing. Being bought the splendid voice where at the time of 16 years old, the person all heart which is heard is caught, it grasps the chance of visiting Japan, also the song lighter/writer position which knows each other with introduction of the producer it starts making the demonstration tape with the work. Being pleasant, to sing, in this world which sets foot, difficulty of the thing which is expressed gradually, interest is known. Passing the demonstration production period of several years, presently while coming and going LA and Japan, you send the everyday life which rams down to recording and the tune making. “Because the person who until agreement it goes, can express that you think that by his would like to convey, is not known in other things you have sung by your if and, there is the thinking, you think that certainly it continues to sing even from now on,” that she says. Favorite the artist with [ani] [deihuranko], [igi] pop, talking [hetsuzu] and jack Johnson etc, started learning also the guitar recently. Especially as for “queen [ani] of the flat tire fork”, including also the world view of the language, existence of the yearning which respects, with you say. The wide talent where, the photograph and art (the picture) it tackles enthusiastically in addition to music is shown. 'November 25th of 04, “the Christmas song “Yes " whose point of view is lowest”, with the coupling of the English version where world view differs [indei] release. At every place FM bureau and wire broadcast on air it is done intensively, attracts attention. 'March of 05, the early unpublished tune " Night Light “which personally manages the language, gathered only the rising artist of expectation, " HMV PLAYLIST 3 " the pickup it is done in campaign. 'July of 05, “to single fireworks after the filter which is done” being similar, from SONY [miyujitsukuasoshieitetsudorekozu] measure debut decision. It is colored in the timbre where the guitar is warm, [kirari] and 煌 habit it whirls the world of melody and the vocal and the conscientious language which are not, from the distant sky and like the snow which it gets off it keeps piling up in heart of the people.
Information >>TV radio magazine Internet SNoW Special Live Event<The osaka meeting place>Furthermore application & to how to be elected, the importance it informs and apologizes distantly (2007.2.26) customer everyone 1st album 'first snow' sale commemoration Special Live Event (at the object store from how to apply during CD purchase + period with pulling out selection invitation)<The osaka meeting place>In method of being elected, there was a dispatch failure of the invitation. Mistaking<The nagoya meeting place>It does to send the invitation, the fact that annoyance was applied deeply it apologizes. <The osaka meeting place>Application, again in everyone of election<The osaka meeting place>Sending you can point to the invitation. * At postal special delivery 2/26 (month) dispatch hand continuation you can point from inside capital. Now please wait for a while to arrival. Furthermore, already the delivery being completed<The nagoya meeting place>The invitation makes invalid. It is the number of hands, but we request cancellation dealing with customer himself. <The nagoya meeting place>Application being placed on everyone of election, especially there is no modification in the guide. Also in the future, we ask the support of SNoW please may. To page top information of magazine publication!! (2007.1.22) The album 'first snow' related article and SNoW up-to-date interview the magazine below/are published to the free paper. ■SWITCH (1/20 sales) * [metorominitsutsu] <metro min.> (1/20 issues) “taking while, you probably will speak,/Sinya Fujiwara” (the serialization page) ■H (1/31 sales) ■Birth-Day!! (1/28 issues) sale of the SNoW album 'first snow' was commemorated to the page top, special buyer benefit decision! (2007.1.19) When at the below-mentioned object store you purchase the SNoW 1st album 'first snow', you give the application post card with the first-come. It enters necessary item, with respect to the pulling out selection which becomes exact, presenting the luxurious prize to the one which application it receives! * As for the application post card, at the object store it becomes first-come distribution in only the one which to purchase it receives the album.  As soon as to become also each store, without because it becomes distribution end, beforehand acknowledgment. A prize: The special live event pair invitation of SNoW which in 2007 March is done at Tokyo & Nagoya & Osaka 3 places (each meeting place 50 sets 100 people) B prize: Handwriting sign entering album poster (article not for sale) (100 people) application deadline: 2007 February 16th (gold) postmark effective A prize: The special live event (* sooner or later there is no general ticket sale) * also every place, becomes 2 section constitution.

Poshi Assari
29-07-2007, 11:28 PM
Vì dùng trang google dịch tạm nên nó mới lung tung thế này, nhìn hoa cả mắt >.<

1st section: Movie '[yumoresuku] ~ upside-down butterfly ~' screening 2nd section: Future we inform details such as the place of SNoW special live & each meeting place, only the successful candidate. [Tokyo meeting place (certain place inside capital)] 2007 March 4th (day) 1st section 17:00 START 2nd section 18:30 START schedule [the Nagoya meeting place (city certain place)] 2007 March 9th (gold) 1st section 18:30 START 2nd section 20:00 START schedule [the Osaka meeting place (city certain place)] 2007 March 11th (day) 1st section 17:00 START 2nd section 18:30 START schedule B prize: The handwriting sign entering album poster (the article not for sale) * dispatch 2/21 (the water) has planned time. * Because we cannot answer to the inquiry regarding election and defeat, altogether beforehand acknowledgment. * You replace the announcement of the successful candidate, also A prize B prize, with dispatch. As for the object store list the arrival [u] of 1st Album “first snow” all tune it is to this page top (R) transmission start! (2007.1.17) January 24th (the water) the arrival [u] of 1st Album “first snow” all the recording tunes of release it is (R), present January 17th (the water) AM5: The 00~ it is transmitted. Don't you think? please try checking by all means* URL of the portable sight is sent. It accesses to the SNoW portable sight! To page top 1st Album “first snow” first production limitation board DVD DIGEST image release start! (2007.1.13) January 24th (the water) as for the first production limited board of 1st Album of release “first snow”, the luxurious Music Video Clips collection DVD attaching which “upside-down butterfly” “on&on” “NightmaRe” 3 tune 6 versions action was recorded! At <special>, release of DIGEST image of the official sight started. Don't you think? please try checking* * You can view these contents from only the personal computer. The new year's greeting card from SNoW 待 it receives to the page top to the official sight <special>, the picture present! Handwriting field picture with pulling out selection to 1 people! (2006.12.30) The new year's greeting card reached from SNoW! The end of year beginning of the year plan with “Winternet 'of Sony Music Online Japan 06- '07” the New Year's greeting card is received 待, to a picture in the midst of the present! In addition, it presents also the handwriting field picture to 1 people, with pulling out selection! "Application period : 2007/1/14 until they -- Sony Music Online Japan before the end of the planning, " Winternet'06-'07 "Allah is コ チ Unit : Kirishima for it オ シ Pharaoh AL SHAMS Moses Mary's a Lot : t フ ア ル バ ル ム 『First Snow』 ver. be mad リ ー AL! (2006.12.28) 1st フ ア ル バ ル ム 『』 First Snow on January 24, 07 リ リ ー ス them first Drive them, and Pharaoh シ オ AL SHAMS when Moses イ ト リ ー mad AL made us you! Non チ ェ ッ ク Bring us the Wrath beard nor my head! Aid ☆ * That the コ ン テ ン ソ last year, is the trumpet コ ン Allah in Whom audition venues speak to them And !. Pharaoh シ オ AL SHAMS fell for it イ ト Unit : Kirishima for it "NightmaRe" デ ビ ク リ オ Allah プ PHOTO レ ポ ー ト ス タ leveled set of Lot! (2006.12.22) 1st フ ア ル バ ル ム "First Snow" back to the beginning of production limit disc DVD contains them what He will, "NightmaRe" デ ビ ク リ オ the handful of Allah プ レ video PHOTO who ポ ー ト オ シ SHAMS Pharaoh Moses イ ト ル <special> you open them! Non チ ェ ッ ク Bring us the Wrath beard nor my head! Aid ☆ * That the コ ン テ ン ソ last year, is the trumpet コ ン Allah in Whom audition venues speak to them And !. オ シ SHAMS Pharaoh Moses イ ト ル for it <special> Unit : Kirishima for it 1st フ ア ル バ ル ム 『』 the First Snow The whole song Ban Hearing ス タ ー ト! (2006.12.20) initially sparse And if the synthesizer! 1 st humiliating AL バ Moses 『』 First Snow the whole song you try Hearer ス タ ー ト : but ye! ! Pharaoh シ オ AL SHAMS イ ト <discography> Moses who defeated ェ ッ ク Bring us the Wrath beard nor my head! Aid ☆ オ Pharaoh AL SHAMS Moses シ ト イ for it <discography> Unit : Kirishima look for it to the 1 st フ ア ル バ ル ム 『 First Snow 』. January 24, 2007 boarded-side decision. ! (2006.12.18) - Judi デ ビ ン グ ー シ ル "Love And until they shall ye Such them, " And ニ メ ー シ ョ ン hell "girl" オ ー プ テ ン グ ニ ー マ me and ロ セ ン グ Allah you record them 2 nd シ ル ン グ "reverse And what the butterflies", the new position from you! Extension 3 rd シ ル ン グ "on & on". That the October And they ス タ ー ト me you 2 シ リ ー ズ "caged two teenage hell," the オ ー プ テ ン グ ニ ー マ and disobeyed you オ ン And the Children of Israel were the latest song "NightmaRe" down from the heaven シ ル ン グ four them, イ ン デ ィ ー ズ period is poured from the Qur'an Table me ス マ ス リ シ ル ン グ "Yes" nor recorded. the sparse early synthesizer! And if there is a humiliating one st AL バ Moses First Snow 』『 you! Koran! 2007 January 24 boarded-side decision. ! limited to the early production site Surely, "And what the inverse Butterfly," "on & on" "NightmaRe" 3 6 バ ー down ョ Muhammad included a descent me you Music Video Clips deluxe DVD set to pay! "Hell girl" special バ ー down the ョ ン デ ビ ク リ オ プ two Allah nor included. 『Sparse 1st album First Snow』 12 2007.1.24 out scenes from the San Shouten hide [ Fujiwara were also summarized them And be me ス outlet シ AL SHAMS his soldiers Allah course a Lot] mercy to the disbelievers; 12 life to their brother ト カ ロ ン バ sendeth Paradise belied them! [CD + DVD] AICL 1790-1 ¥ 3, 360 (in tax) "back to the beginning of production limit disk" ■ 3 6 バ ー down ョ Muhammad majesty, a luxury you included them Mu sic DVD Video Clip Sets pay ■ depression カ ル タ hell "will be inflicted" a group inclose [CD] A ICL 1792 ¥ 3,059 (in tax) to write down SHAMS course a public, included songs, Trial Hearing NADO is a detailed discography who defeated ェ ッ ク! Unit : Kirishima for it Sony Music Online Japan, before the end of the outlet シ ス AL SHAMS Planning " Winternet 06-07 "に them デ ビ オ ン ト コ the date from the open! (2006.12.16) luxury ア ー ト テ ィ ス Splendor in the Hang cases, people perceive the planning! Sony Music Online Japan, before the end of the Solomon outlet AL SHAMS-fledged enterprise painting "Wintern et 06-07 "opening reminder! If Day! Us, if sparse in them for thee. ■ 12/13 (water) ~ sparse Allah Arabic メ デ オ ン ト コ who "Winternet 06-07 "Ad hoc Moses イ ト they open! * Portability press will come in Whom audition venues speak to them Thee! ■ 12/20 (water) noon-sparse Allah Arabic メ デ オ ン ト コ who "Winternet 06 - 07 "ad hoc Moses イ ト they open! * 12/13 (water) ~ portability press will come in Whom audition venues speak to them you unto me, PC Moses イ ト Changchun audition venues if they speak to them Thee! "Winternet 06-07" ad hoc Moses イ ト コ チ is Allah! Unit : Kirishima for it "reverse And what the butterflies" "NightmaRe" デ ビ ク リ オ Allah プ them "hell girl" ス SHAMS outlet シ ル バ ー down ョ ン Checheng! ! (2006.12.15) And the topic ニ メ ー シ ョ ン hell "girl" シ リ ー ズ the オ ー プ ニ ン グ テ ー マ, "Backfire And what the butterflies" "NightmaRe" the two デ ビ the ク リ オ Allah プ them, "Hell girl" ス outlet SHAMS シ ル バ ー down ョ ン you come on stage! Special Unit : one who コ ー ス as Allah heareth you ス タ ー ト so forgive me. Today! 42 チ ェ ッ ク! オ シ SHAMS Pharaoh Moses イ ト ル for it <special> Unit : Kirishima for it SWITCH ON Excite [blog] them you, "the sparse bedroom were" serial! (2006.12.13) own the イ ス ト And Allah pictorial them from the center. daily the hem, or do you think lest sergeant っ た コ O Allah, "the independent sparse words," you SWITCH ON Excite [blog] them you were leaving! Pharaoh シ オ AL SHAMS Moses イ ト ブ Intelligence グ And with them : チ ェ ッ ク! Details threw us they Unit : Kirishima for it "NightmaRe" "Yes" to the Pharaoh! You AL (R) when Deng Field! (2006.12.8) mad ー シ ル ン グ boarded the same time, they kill you, "NightmaRe" "Yes" to the Pharaoh! you AL (R) when Checheng! "Yes" is. winnow you イ ン デ ィ ー ズ period is the beginning of my beard コ レ ー デ ィ ン グ me you ク リ ス マ ス ソ ン グ. And a far-off space they dance! From those things you really was white snow is Allah, static And verily hearts is with whom To him enter song! This season the non defeated them ェ ッ ク Bring us the Wrath beard nor my head! Aid ☆ portability press Moses イ ト the URL or send them. Moses carrying sparse press for it イ ト ア ク セ ス! Unit : Kirishima for it but they winnow デ ビ オ ン ト コ メ you to a ☆ "NightmaRe" デ ビ ク リ オ Allah プ And Allah open ス タ ー ト! ! (2006.12.1) mad ン グ ー シ リ ル リ ー ス be the driving him first, And they sparse デ ビ オ ン ト コ メ you to their Lord and your Lord.

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Còn rất nhìu nhưng hok cần lắm

30-07-2007, 06:39 AM
Á~tưởng PA kiếm ra được english source nào chứ^^ dùng google thì ko thể hiểu được đâu, khéo lại dịch sai thì khổ^^ dùng google thì trước đây Yes có dịch được chút ý rùi, nói chung là khá khẳng định chứ ko phải là 100% click here (http://ca.blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-OZS1ukMofrWqsNxkPZt1OYuD6Qf3V2hw?p=98) để xem qua thử.

Poshi Assari
30-07-2007, 04:25 PM
Úi, SNoW mới thấy gần đây nên khó kiếm, muh cứ search thẳng thì toàn thấy tuyết, chả thấy người đâu.